I’m Drowning Not Waving

Truly.  I’ve been drowning in a sea of other people’s blogs, envying everyone’s facility with words, unable to write one word of my own.  It wasn’t that difficult when I started the blog, I was still in the process of editing my memoir, in the groove.  That was four months ago.  And then the words started to trickle away.  So what is it?  Blog block?  Writer’s block?  I don’t think they’re the same.  After all, I’m able to write in my meditation journal after contemplating the world at large, the greater purpose in all things, and my frustrations with an ease I didn’t feel before; the words just flow.  This is what I wrote yesterday: “I do believe this (my inability to blog) is a necessary phase, a deepening, gestating phase and my fear and doubt that I have nothing more to say as well as my pattern of balls-out pushing all the time is making it more difficult.  All in good time.  I just have to let go.”

I can’t.

2 thoughts on “I’m Drowning Not Waving

  1. Im sorry to hear you are so frustrated Rossandra, have you been over at the group lately? Maybe getting involved with some of the stuff going on over there might help with it, along with talking to the other ladies. I dont have any wise advice except if you have fear it will keep you stuck always. And pretending can actually go a long way, if you act like you have a lot to write it might put you into the right frame of mind. It often works for me.

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