Another Take on Writer’s Block

I had another realization about being blog blocked.  I’m afraid of writing crap.  Not that everything before this in my books and essays wasn’t first crap–might still be–but I had a chance to revise, revise and revise before it hit the light of day.  Blogs aren’t quite like that, there’s a time element, it’s pretty much writing on the fly.

But here’s the thing, this is the task I set myself and as Dennis Palumbo, in his fabulous book on writing says, “Every hour you spend writing is an hour not spent fretting about your writing.  Every day you produce pages is a day you didn’t spend sitting at a coffee shop, bitching about not producing any pages.

. . .Writing begets writing.

Not writing begets . . . well, not writing.

You do the math.”



4 thoughts on “Another Take on Writer’s Block

  1. Love this post and I think I remember the Hobbit House in Laguna. I used to spend my days there as an advertising lady for the newspaper.

  2. Dear Rossandra,

    Thanks for the kind words about my writing book, WRITING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. I was ego-surfing online and found your blog.

    BTW, if you like mysteries, I’d like to suggest you check out my first two novels in the Daniel Rinaldi Mystery Series. They’re called MIRROR IMAGE and FEVER DREAM. Both books are published by Poisoned Pen Press.

    Anyway, thanks again for the mention!


    Dennis Palumbo

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