I just have to share this. This is my neighborhood, full of characters and quirks.  I love it. Check out the photo. Too damn funny.

That’s Beulah.  That little head sticking out through the hole in the gate to the right of the Christmas wreath.  Can you see the broken ornament on the step?  That was Fergie slamming into the wreath at the sound of Beulah’s bark before she emerged.

Beulah is some kind of terrier mutt, a little smaller than Fergie from what I can tell.  She barks like mad every time we pass by on our way to hike The Hill.  Short aside here, I haven’t done my main hill since my experience with the law, instead I’m hiking the “other” hill and not liking it.  Has our little pocket of individuality, funkiness and creativity (former headquarters of Timothy Leary and The Brotherhood) been compromised?  Back to Beulah.  I’m pretty sure she reserves her mad dog frenzy just for us.  Jake does a kind of stiff-legged I can kick your ass if I wanted to kind of bounce, but he doesn’t need a face-off like Fergie does.  Well, she’s still young and curious.  And submissive if it comes to the real thing.  Funny thing, for all this Cujo-type fury, Fergie and Beulah never actually “engage.”  That’s the key, isn’t it?  State your case and let it go.

8 thoughts on “Beulah

  1. So glad I did not just breeze through that appeal of yours re: so much to read on each other’s blogs, etc. etc. Hard to keep up, yes. But something indeed drew me here (even before I knew it would charm me with a dog story that indeed sheds some light on human behavior as well). From my observations re: canine communication, it all boils down to chemistry. Yes, the photos made me smile.

  2. K-9 doggies are SO like us! Wouldn’t it be interesting if roles were reversed? Say Beulah is on the “outside” on a walk sniffing Jake & Fergie’s gate. Beulah enjoys her freedom as she squats a get you back pee-pee within sniffing range. Talk about mad dog frenzy, but in double doses… Nothing like a good old pissing war. Reminds me of our ridiculous politicians…

  3. Our dogs and the neighbor’s do the same at the fence. I often see a snout trying to poke through a hole. Cute post. Your SheWrites Blogger friend.

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