E is For Elephant

Have you ever looked in the eye of an elephant? There’s an ocean of calm staring back at you. And of course, there’s that legendary memory of theirs. But did you know that of all the extraordinary characteristics an elephant displays, perhaps the most unique and astonishing is its trunk? According to research by Rasmussen and Munger in 1996, the tip of the elephant’s trunk is packed with nerve endings that is the most sensitive tissue ever studied. Here’s one of my favorite videos showing the incredible dexterity of an elephant’s trunk. This is a Thai elephant where they’re revered.

And yes it is a trick of sorts, but remarkable nonetheless. (Can jumbo elephants really paint? . . .naturalist Desmond Morris sets out to find the truth)

6 thoughts on “E is For Elephant

  1. Elephants are my favorite animals. I like that they can cry. Got to see two baby elephants at the Houston zoo the other day – sooo amazing. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  2. Interesting details about the elephant’s trunk. Who knew tehy had so many nerve endings in their trunk. I like Ganesh, the elephant deity as well. He is known as a remover of obstacles.

    1. I know! Funny you should say that, I too like Ganesh. I was going to do G is For Ganesh, but couldn’t really find a personal anecdote/connection, nothing sparked, so I wrote about Glass frogs!! Now those are interesting little buggers.

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