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I was going to start blogging about my trip to England, but I had this insight today while having my teeth cleaned that I want to explore. It’s about facelifts and all things to do with enhancing one’s image. It all started with a Facebook posting yesterday I flashed by. It went something like this . . . “face it ladies, if you had the money/you’ve reached that certain age/low self-esteem. etc. wouldn’t you have “work” done?”

Now, of course, this is a debate that’s been going on for ages and I’ve weighed in on many forums regarding the subject: mostly ambivalence (I mean, women I know and love have had work done, and I don’t fault them) but I also like the idea that you’ve earned your wrinkles, that you should wear them proudly. You notice I didn’t say I embrace the latter. Because along with those wrinkles comes invisibility and less favorable treatment. I’ve felt it. And even though I ascribe to the principle that the last third of life is about reflection and contemplation, I also rail against the loss of my tight skin. And then today, it just hit me. Simply put, it takes energy to focus on what’s no longer there, a focus that could be put to better use working on being more of the self I have, little suitcases under my eyes and all.

3 thoughts on “Face It

  1. I hear what you’re saying and I think women who get too much work done look awful! On the other hand of I really needed it, I would do it. It’s less about the morality, and more about being scared of knives, you know?

  2. If I had the money, I would totally give back to myself what age has robbed. Why the hell not. I wouldn’t ever want to look like Joan Rivers, but a little nip and tuck to be my best self for this age — absolutely.

  3. Recently had my upper lids done-mentally justified by the fact that my vision was affected by the extra skin (insurance covered it), and when the Dr. said, a few months later, “You look 20 years younger,” I realized he was partially right (not 20 yrs, mind you, but definitely better). I hadn’t thought of it that way…I just knew that my eyes weren’t tired anymore, and I could see more light! But now as I gaze into the mirror, I notice the area below my eyes more, the fact that I wear sunglasses highlighted by some fairer skin and a nice, slight sagging No idea if I will ever do more-I am trying to celebrate life without criticizing myself for wrinkles and sagging that are beyond my reasonable control. And I suspect that having work done might be a bit like getting new kitchen countertops then noticing how shabby everything else; flooring, stove, refrigerator, looks and wanting to upgrade them as well. But I wouldn’t judge myself nor anyone else for a vanity overhaul. That said, we’ll talk about my boobs another time…

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