B is For Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss – 1. A muzzle-loading firearm with a short barrel and flaring muzzle to facilitate loading.  2. one who blunders. 3. disorganized activity. (It’s also the name of Jack White’s album of last year–love the Jack.)


I can cop to blundering which according to Merriam-Webster means to make a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness, but I’m going with disorganized activity. Yep, that’s definitely happening, Spring fever, I think. (Like I’m always organized, otherwise, ha!)

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8 thoughts on “B is For Blunderbuss

  1. Love Jack White and love Blunderbuss. I can’t wait for his next album. I finally got the White Stripes album De Stijl, and I’m really loving that too.

  2. Another fantastic word, Rossandra! I’m going to have a whole new vocabulary by the time I’m finished reading through your A – Z posts ~

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