X is For eXcited

Excited – Enthusiastic. Sexually aroused.

 The former definition, not the latter. Not for this particular blog anyway.

It’s about the book cover for my soon to be released memoir, Loveyoubye. I haven’t said much about what’s been happening on the road to publication with She Writes Press. That’s because there hasn’t been that much to report because I’m only on the first step: the book cover. A biggie, I realized from all my sleepless nights wondering how it would turn out. So here’s how the process works: they make a suggestion–a woman walking on the beach, memoir-like, they said–NO. NO. NO. So not what my book is about. Please God, don’t let me have to settle for that. And then they get my input and then a rough rendering of my ideas. Yow! I don’t know people, but I’m cautiously eXcited about the final product.

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12 thoughts on “X is For eXcited

  1. I hope you cover meets your expectations. My sequel, Ruby’s Fire will be out soon, and my cover designer just finished the art. It’s pretty amazing! I’m having a big cover reveal in June. Stay tuned, and I look forward to seeing your cover.

    1. I will most definitely stay turned. Along with researching my cover and The Book Designer’s posts on book cover art, I’m a lot more aware of what goes into the process and what is effective.

  2. Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge list to say “Hi” 🙂


    Good luck with the rest of the challenge, although, not far to go now 😉

    xx (www.the-view-outside.com)

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