Y is For Yellow

Yellow – The color of gold, butter, or ripe lemons.

The word “yellow” comes from the Old English geolu, geolwe, meaning “yellow, yellowish”, derived from the Proto-Germanic word gelwaz.  It is commonly associated with gold, sunshine, reason, optimism, pleasure, happiness and energy.

Yellow makes me think of my dad. The time we were on the train from Nkana, about to pull into Johannesburg station where my uncle would be picking us up for a visit with all the relatives. I was six and my mom had just scrubbed off all the soot and dirt from the three day train journey and dressed me in one her latest creations, an apricot-colored voile-like dress with puff sleeves. My hair was brushed into a golden cap and I wore a yellow ribbon tied on top in a bow.

“Yellow’s your color,” my dad said.

Funny, I would remember that, but it stuck, like it was yesterday.


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4 thoughts on “Y is For Yellow

  1. It’s funny, the things we remember, isn’t it? I remember my dad telling me about helping his maths teacher with his allotment. He said it helped when he was having trouble being the son of the local policeman. He never said any more about it, just that. His maths teacher was my mum’s father…
    Yellow is a lovely colour!
    Jemima at Jemima’s blog

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