Harold and Maude

I don’t watch movies twice. Well, unless I’ve forgotten that I’ve seen the movie before. Hey, it starts happening after you turn 50. But there are three movies that I will watch again: Blade Runner, Where’s Poppa, Harold and Maude, (the latter two star Ruth Gordon–hope I’m turning into her) and Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire.

I haven’t watched a movie twice yet, that tells you how adverse I am to the practice, but this Thursday, I’m off to see Harold and Maude at Laguna Beach’s dinky little theatre on Coast Highway, across from Main Beach. It’s being put on by the Laguna Beach Film Society, with a reception beforehand: refreshments and wine at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. I did this once before–can’t remember the film.

This will officially kick off summer celebrations for me. Next is July’s Art Walk, followed by Music in The Park, where I get to dance my ass off, and then perhaps a trip somewhere with the beasties, Fergie and Jake. Hell, I always say that and never do it. But this year, I’m doing it. A B&B in Napa that takes maniacs?


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  1. Wow- I wrote a paper comparing Harold and Maude to Wings of Desire, my two most fave movies in the world. I actually watch the scene in the field of daisies and then the scene where Peter Faulk talks to the invisible angel over and over and over. I wrote a paper about transcendence and these iconic scenes. Wow.

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