My Little Lemon Tree

It’s Celebrate The Small Things Day. Something I’ve achieved each week, no matter how small. If you’re interested in joining me sign up here at Vicki’s blog.

So today, I want to celebrate the dwarf lemon tree I just bought. My first tree ever. I’m going to plant it in the middle of this 7 X 15 foot garden bed in front of my writing studio, which is attached to the back of the house. Except for a brief magical spurt of Australian violets that poured in from an adjoining flower bed–I wrote about it in my memoir, Loveyoubye–I’ve thrashed about trying to decide what to plant. I wanted the perfect garden, a perennial display of flowers and all kinds of other plants that complement each other, something Sunset Magazine would clamor to photograph.

But nothing settled in my head; I just didn’t  know enough about plants; I wanted something special after the Australian violets which had great meaning. And then a couple of days ago, I awoke with the idea of a dwarf lemon tree right in the middle of the garden bed. So off to the nursery I went. And here it is awaiting planting.  Who knows what’s next.

Lemon tree1

6 thoughts on “My Little Lemon Tree

  1. Congratulations! I have a dwarf orange tree that I pray over daily. Have had it a year and am hoping for oranges finally next spring. Get yourself a mini-moisture stick (at Ace hardware) because citrus are real divas when it comes to watering correctly. That don’t like to soak. Have fun with your garden. I love mine. Tomatoes should be ripe soon! 🙂

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