Here’s my first attempt at haiku (should I capitalize that?), prompted by the sight of a spider web along with Trifecta’s writing challenge to incorporate the word rusty–“dulled in color or appearance by age or use”–fresh in my mind. Whether it works or not, I had a blast writing this.

Dew-spangled spider web
across the path
Old Chevy rusting in the gully


3 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. It’s lovely, Rossandra. I do so love to craft Haiku, and particularly enjoyed sharing this style of poetry with my young writing students last year. They were so clever.

    I used magnetic words once to create Haiku and it was such fun. The distinct choice words somehow felt just the opposite of a boundary and actually unleashed a different type of creativity; one that was not hindered by an abundance of words, but rather shaped by the limited nature of them.

    Here’s to more Haiku!

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