It’s Celebrate The Small Things Day. Something I’ve achieved each week, no matter how small. If you’re interested in doing the same thing sign up here at Vicki’s blog.

Two things I want to celebrate today. The first is that I’m at the end of my June blogging stint. The End. Done. Klaar. Finito. Termine. There’s even a drawing for prizes. Bonus! Actually, the bonus is I’m discovering that the more I blog, the less I worry about what to say and how I’m coming across. And how about them haikus? See that? I learned something new.

The second thing I want to celebrate is that I’m finally digging a hole for my little lemon tree. It’s supposed to be twice as deep and twice as wide as the pot, this means 20″x 20″. Do you know how frickin’ hard that is in ground that feels like cement four inches down?  With the sun blazing above? But hey, nobody can accuse me of letting a little thing like cement-ground deter me; I’ll get it done if it takes digging the rest of the hole with an ice pick. This is the woman who pick-axed the roots of a stand of dying bamboo–bamboo, people!–in this 12×5 foot plot then sat with a hand-hoe and removed each root until the were removed.

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3 thoughts on “Celebratin’

  1. I agree – joining blogathons have made me realize that once posting becomes a habit, it becomes easier. Hope your lemon tree will flourish in its new home.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy blogging!

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