Last day of my June blogathon. I was going to head into another one, but instead I’m going to focus on getting my young adult novel, Monkey’s Wedding, edited and published. Again. I’m embarrassed to report. One of the things I’ve vowed to do to make this happen is to seriously limit my forays onto the web: that tempting daily headline on my home page–CNN Top Stories–The Daily Beast, all those emails with social media tips, writing contests, words of inspiration, writing prompts, Narrative Online Magazine. Facebook is a whole other rabbit hole of distraction.

Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist  at the University of California, San Francisco contends that our brains are adapting to handle the many inputs of digital stimulation. Not my brain. I thought perhaps I had Attention Deficit Disorder–something I’d wondered about before because of my hyperactive mind. Maybe some drugs could fix the problem? But then I researched the symptoms and checked with a psychologist friend of mine. Nope. I’m just not the amazing multi-tasker I used to be nor as focused. So, even though I have gained a certain immediacy through blogging, a boldness if you will, and confidence, I’m heading for my friend’s mountain cabin for some serious focus-time.

But I shall be blogging as often as I can, because I’ve grown to love it.



4 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. Great for you Sands,
    know what you mean about the checking etc. Just had to check before setting out for Essex (the big sky county of UK) to spend a couple of days there whilst Ian’s school team takes part in a tournament.
    Aim to get some hand sewing done, some new learning, starting to study Reiki. Maybe catch up with a friend whom I met in Auckland, so should be pretty busy as well, but- different.
    Caught up with some of the folk who inhabited Kitwe. Slightly unsettling as they call the streets all the muntu names etc. I kept wanting to correct them! Had to bite the tongue(-) Was amazed that they regarded nshima as a part of their diets too. Must have been when the other stuffs were not available any longer.
    Enjoy your time away

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