Celebrating My Book Cover

It’s Celebrate The Small Things Day. Something I’ve achieved each week, no matter how small. If you’re interested in doing the same thing sign up here at Vicki’s blog. But before I tell you what I’m celebrating today, I have a little catching up to do since I’ve been missing from this spot for an entire month. And I’ve got to thank Kate Larkindale over at Fiction and Film for commenting on my last blog and inspiring me to get back in the game. Thanks Kate!

I’m blaming my absence on summer. I just gave into it. I put off all my writing projects, including finishing the proofs for Loveyoubye and choosing the final cover for the book. Instead, I danced my ass off at Laguna’s “Music In The Park” every Sunday, sometimes after which me and my girlfriend Laural would stop at this or that little rooftop or beachside bar and have a nightcap before heading home. Then there were those sunset dinners with friends and that wonderful spur of the moment day spent in Studio City with my five brilliant writer girlfriends, the trip up to Sierra Buttes in northern California (woods and lakes and cooler than here) with my son and two granddaughters—damn those little girls are fun!

But then I got an email from She Writes Press; my decision on Loveyoubye’s cover was due on Friday. Time to call it. Now, I’m not that hot on making decisions anyway, but this one has been agonizing. What if it’s crap? But time was up. That’s where the celebrating comes in. Yesterday, I took a deep breath and in the early morning chill of approaching fall, I submitted my book cover proofs!


15 thoughts on “Celebrating My Book Cover

  1. Good for you for giving in to summer’s call and enjoying life. I ended up pretty much doing the same thing but, because I’m Catholic, I had to feel guilty about it. Can’t wait for your book to be in my hands! So proud of you. I won’t be doing Lisa’s workshop right now. Vet bills and tax bills have eaten away at any possibility of that, but I would like to at some point and will attempt to drag your ass down that road with me. Damn! I wish we lived closer.


  2. Summertime really is party time . . . . and you clearly enjoyed it to the hilt. Now, with the changing season, something else is calling. Putting aside the uncertainties, insecurities, etc., that go with being a writer, you have to feel relief at making a decision. Can’t wait to see the finalized cover and read the book . . .

  3. you rock for taking the time to enjoy summer. 2 vacations became null and void but I tried to keep a good thought. Wine helps.
    I can’t wait to get your book – and good luck with your cover. hey, for book 2, call me. I could do your book cover! 🙂 elizabeth

  4. Well, when there’s nothing better than hot summer days, sometimes you’ve just got to give in! I wish I could have. 🙂 But, now it seems you’re finding your way back to the real world, and I’m sure you’ll get your writing plans back on track. Good for you!

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