“Breathe,” my friend says. Good advice for me these days as I prepare for the launch of my memoir, Loveyoubye. It’s taking place in just three days at Laguna Beach Books. Check my website or the Event Listing in for details, and join me.

Judging by responses to the invitation from people who know me, the celebration promises to be a blast. For those curious about the book, check the online article from an interview I did with Randy Kraft of the Laguna Beach Indy.

Writing a book is work, but talking about the result is some (kind of scary) fun! If you know me, you know I love eclectic music, and (tomorrow) Tuesday April 8, at 8:15am, I’ll be on Laguna Beach’s own radio show KX.93.5 talking to host, Tyler Russell.

Hope you can check out some of these previews, and join me for wine and appetizers and book talk this Thursday at Laguna Beach Books!


4 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Feel sure you’ll be a wow! Rescue remedy will get you thru if you start to chicken. No harm in having some, & it works right away, so can take it with you, & smile thru it all
    Have a new email as old one hacked.

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