Being in The Moment

I did it! Last night I officially launched my memoir Loveyoubye, at Laguna Beach Bookstore! The day began at 4:30 am, when I awoke with my heart pounding and my eyes stretched wide like they’d been pinned open, ala Alex of A Clockwork Orange. The day was here! Maybe the earth would open up and swallow me whole before 6 pm.  I could only hope. It didn’t.

Book Launch6:10 pm: It’s happening. There I am behind The Author Table, all eyes on me. Full House. Wobbly opening. And then I’m reading the first excerpt. I can do this. Second excerpt; I remember how much I love to read aloud. Third excerpt. Maybe I could keep going? Of course I can’t. I stop where I’d planned to. Questions anyone?

There were questions. Great questions. Ones I could sink my teeth into, that excited me. I forgot everything but being in the moment and answered the questions from my heart, from where I live. I didn’t hedge, I didn’t waver. I’m not sure what came over me. Whatever it was prompted a local to remark on Facebook, “Turns out that nervous, scared oh-my-god-what-if-I’m-a-flop was all an act. You’re a natural, Rossandra, it was like sitting with you at a coffee shop, more a friendly conversation than a presentation. Such a wonderful hour!”

Wow! Who knew I had it in me?

18 thoughts on “Being in The Moment

    1. Thank you dear Jessica! Who knew this book would lead me here. All the anguish of writing it and then finding myself in another kind of hell worrying about publishing it, the ramifications, etc. But deep down some part of me persisted. And here I am “connecting” in ways I didn’t know possible, with myself and with others. something I’ve wanted my whole life.

  1. Sometimes, doesn’t it seem as if everything really comes together in ways beyond even our expectations? I think those important, momentous times in our our lives really the greatest staying power when we’re fully present to them. So happy you had such a successful launch.

  2. I am way late to the party, but somehow reading your wonderful book and then going back to read your blog posts about the process makes it all the more sweet. I’m so happy for all you! You have worked doggedly, and have poured your heart into a beautiful memoir. You deserve every success coming your way!

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