Digging It

Not to put too fine a point on it, I am absolutely digging my book “tour.” My last appearance was on June 25th at Books Inc. in Berkeley, along with my publisher, Brooke Warner, and sister SWP authors, Jessica Levine and Kay Rae Chomic. Dinner at Spenger’s in Berkeley beforehand: a little seafood, a little Pinot Grigio, and lots of delicious conversation with fellow writers.


Just three months ago I wanted the earth to swallow me whole before the launch of Loveyoubye at Laguna Beach Books. My first public appearance in any arena. You can read all about my meltdown here.

Just so’s you know, this isn’t some glamorous book tour like in the movies, where the author is flown from one city to another, ferried from place to place, set up in brass-trimmed hotels, and greeted by adoring throngs. While I was ferried from my hotel to Spengers and then to the bookstore by my publicist, Kaye (the hiring of whom is my one claim to The Author Life–and now a friend), I stayed in a seedy hotel and took a shuttle to and from the airport. As for an adoring throng. I was the one doing the adoring, glad for the opportunity they afforded me to connect. I’m not just talking sales, here, it’s so much more than that.

4 thoughts on “Digging It

  1. Hey famous lady, sounds like you are enjoying your getting to know the readers. Would love to be alongside & absorbing it all. Keep on growing, you rock!

  2. That is so great that you are getting the chance to connect with your readers. Congratulations! I am sure the adoring throng is enjoying you too.

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