Great News, Bad News & Even Better News

I just looked at the date of my last posting: October 24th, 2014. Well, at least it was in this year. Here’s what’s been happening since then. Good news first.

I Finished My YA novel,  Monkey’s Wedding!!!

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In my last posting, Weirding OutI wrote that I was thirty pages from the end and that I wanted to get it done by that Thursday, which was November 1st. Well, it didn’t happen. Instead I got the shingles. That’s the crappy news.

Overnight, a gang of little gremlins carrying blowtorches and hat pins took up residence on my left hip and my stomach, and have been burning and stabbing me for most of the day, and with all they’ve got after midnight. Oh, and then there’s the itch. The rash isn’t even there anymore. It’s all the nerve endings under the skin, which those little bastard gremlins are playing like a harp, discordantly of course. I’m told this can go on for two years. I’m all nerved out. I can’t concentrate. Everything hits me wrong.

Except for Monkey’s Wedding. Working on it gave me a focus I couldn’t find doing anything else. It made me feel less helpless. It gave me back some of my power. The only thing, though, I found myself changing the story completely. Now, the ngozi, you know, those powerful fire spirits in my story, instead of being controlled by the witchdoctor Anesu, and vanquishing evil Karari at the end, they take her over and set him free. And then they kill Elizabeth and Tururu and take over the world. Wait a minute! Those aren’t gremlins under my skin with blowtorches! It’s the ngozi. They must’ve disguised themselves as shingles and have taken control. Oh, well, I think this new version sounds a helluva lot better than my stupid, family/political/mystical/coming-of-age drama, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Great News, Bad News & Even Better News

  1. Congratulations on finishing your book. I’m so proud of you and happy for you.

    The shingles sounds so awful. Does any amount of alcohol send you to a point where you no longer care? Seriously, my friend, I hope those attacking little fuckers leave you alone soon. xo

    1. Hallelujah for alcohol! I’m telling you. It has been three fucking weeks, not counting. I’ve been to an acupuncturist twice. Either the shingles were on their way out, or what she’s doing is working. There’s definitely a change, not big but anything is so welcome! Thanks my friend! xoxo

  2. How bizarre for me to read this after overhearing a conversation (in a yoga class) re: shingles vaccine. You poor thing. I know (second hand from seeing Lew suffer) what it does, and you have my heart. But to see your sense of humor — not to mention sense of purpose — override the pain is a mark of your remarkable spirit.

  3. Hey Sands, so sorry to hear you have been poorly. Really hope the acupuncture helps soon. Have you tried some homeopathic stuff as well?
    Much love, DXXX

    1. Thanks. Either the stupid bloody shingles was on its way out or the two acupuncturist treatments I had are doing the trick. I’m a helluva lot better, even slept through until 5 this morning. Whoopee! She also prescribed essential oils that I’ve been spraying on even though it’s mainly just the nerves going berserk. That’s even helping. I’m cautiously almost ready to kiss her feet. She’s treating the “whole” me–including my broken fifth vertebra with “touch” chiropractic. Amazing!!

      The only homeopathic aid I found was a pain killer for nerve damage which was like shooting spitballs at an enemy who’s firing real bullets.

      Look at me writing you a whole letter in my comment section. What the hell, hey? xoxo

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