Day 3–Positivity Challenge

Day 3 of my 5-day Positivity Challenge! Doing my bit to radiate positive energy in these  Days of Trump. I’m blogging three things about my life that are positive (or for which I’m grateful) and posting on Facebook. This time, I’m not going to tag anyone, like I did the first two times. To tell the truth, no one responded when I did. It could’ve been a glitch between my blog and Facebook, and no one caught their names. Or. It’s about doing what I’m moved to do without acknowledgement or support. A biggie for me.


Here goes:

Fergie staring at me

  1. Fergie. My baby girl. It took me three years to get another Staffie (breed of my heart) after Sweetpea died. Her (The Ferg) with those giant burps, and murmurs of assessment, and kissable belly.2016-08-13 16.20.51
  2. The tchotchkes I’ve collected through the years. For example, this ceramic bird I bought in Mexico shortly after I left my first husband. The fact that it has survived my  bull-in-a-china-shop nature makes it especially precious.
  3. My intrinsic nature: my tenacity, my sometimes embarrassing enthusiasm and my openness to all possibilities. I’m finally appreciating who I am. About time.

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