Day 5–Positivity Challenge

The last day of my 5-day Positivity Challenge! Doing my bit to radiate positive energy in these Days of Trump. And all the other negative energy being generated around the globe. It helps you know. I’m blogging three things about my life that are positive (or for which I’m grateful) and posting on Facebook. This time, I’m not going to tag anyone, like I did the first two times. To tell the truth, no one responded when I did. It could’ve been a glitch between my blog and Facebook, and no one caught their names. Or. It’s about doing what I’m moved to do without acknowledgement or support. A biggie for me.

Here goes:


2016-08-14 15.39.15

  1. I am so very grateful for all the music and art that’s available in Laguna Beach. Especially now during summer. On Sunday, I was moved to head down to the Festival of Arts to attend whatever was playing at the Concerts On The Green series. It happened to be a Bluegrass trio. More than the music, I found myself appreciating  how it was the creative spirit that had led these musicians to this very stage.2016-08-16 10.30.202. I love that I live in a neighborhood that has a resident horse. Meet Scout with his fly mask on. He gets this blissed out look when I scratch his cheek, and his eyes follow me and the pups as we pass him on our way up the hill.2016-08-16 10.38.363. The first Naked Lady (aka Belladonna) flower of the season. Always a treat.


Recapping Interesting Posts

Today, I get to recap interesting posts from around the blogathon. I loved this one called Sadie the Sloppy Kisser. It’s about a pound puppy, a sweet, gentle giant of a dog, yup, called Sadie.  Read the post, it’s wonderful with great pictures. The other blog I enjoyed was from a Swede living in California, Maria Norcutt, Discovering Ranch Life Photography, the post was about her Icelandic Horse Pjakkur, love the shaggy hairdo–the horse’s not Maria’s–gorgeous photos.

And this one from Wonderfully Women with a powerful facial masque from the kitchen using honey and lemon. A good ‘un.