Jukepop Serials Announcement

I just posted the first chapter of my memoir, Loveyoubye on Jukepop Serials. This is where you can find free-to-read serialized works in every genre imaginable (one chapter at a time), and vote for your favourites. With enough votes the writer actually gets money at the end of each month. Not sure that will happen with Loveyoubye, what with all the dystopian, steampunk, fantasy, thriller, yadayada-new stuff, who’s going to read a memoir?

What I’m planning to do is post a few chapters and then “lock” the rest of the book. And then if you want to read the rest, you can get the ebook on Jukepop for a lower price than it’s offered on Amazon. Hey, this is what Dickens did way back when. It actually sounds like a good plan. Only thing is I have to get people interested in a baby boomer coming-of-age (well, kind of), in two different locales: Laguna Beach and Africa. But the best part is the wonderful, soulful dog who’s along for the ride. Check it out and maybe toss me a happy little vote+ on the Jukpop Serials site?

Latest News on Monkey’s Wedding

About a week ago I posted the first chapter of my Young Adult novel, Monkey’s Wedding on Jukepopserials. It’s a site where you, the reader, can read for free books, stories and serials, every genre possible. For authors, it’s where they can upload their chapters and ask readers to vote on them, with a cash prize going to the most popular works in fiction and nonfiction categories.

The reason I’m doing this is to test the waters, see what kind of response I get. No matter what though, I will get this bloody book published before I die. I already announced I was going to self-publish not too long ago. But then the events that prompted my memoir, Loveyoubye, interfered and I shelved the idea. I’ve had some heart-breaking near misses with getting Monkey’s Wedding published by a traditional publisher, agent and all; you can read about my travails here. I also want to get the sequel, Mine Dances out into the world, a coming-of-age for the sixteen-year-old white protagonist (there’s also a black protagonist).

These two books were my first tribute to Africa and the African boys and men who worked for us. So. Here I am trotting it out for your perusal. Whatever the reaction, I shall be publishing both books within the next year. Hopefully, my memoir, Loveyoubye, will give both books a leg-up in getting a little bit of notice.