Monkey’s Wedding Update

My memoir Loveyoubye is due to be published in August, right? So I was getting ready to launch a Facebook page for the book when I realized that I hadn’t posted any updates to  my YA novel Monkey’s Wedding‘s page. For almost two years! That’s because I’ve been so focused on getting Loveyoubye up to speed and published. It’s thanks to Nikki Frank-Hamilton who “liked” my Monkey’s Wedding Facebook page that made me notice.

Back in October 2011, I was all set to self-publish Monkey’s Wedding, had cover artist (and author) Travis Pennington, as well as an editor all lined up. But then I got sidetracked when Travis tried to hook me up with his agent (along with a list of other agents–he even helped me hone my query!) because he loved the story. But of course, it went nowhere: not marketable, especially not in this publishing climate. I’ve had a number of very close “almosts” over the years.

So I decided to focus on Loveyoubye which was almost ready. Figured I would perhaps piggyback on it, if you know what I mean. Get Loveyoubye out there, get a bit of attention and then publish Monkey’s Wedding as well as its sequel, Mine Dances.  So now that I’m heading toward the finish line with Loveyoubye, I’m polishing MW. Yet again. It’s next.