Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”. I think I’m doing it right this time. Yes, I know, it’s not exactly rocket science (I hate cliches), but I’m easily confused.

Today’s six sentences are the opening to my first novel, a YA paranormal, Monkey’s Wedding, which was almost published, but the editor left the agency and MW fell between the cracks. And then I started to self-publish and tried to get this fabulous artist, Travis Pennington, to do the cover, but he got all excited about the book and urged me to do the rounds again, even offered his agent. Said it was too good a story not to. I tried a few agents but then finished my memoir and that’s what I’ve been busy shopping around.

I have a Facebook page for the book, but it’s not showing up in all it’s glory. Investigating. It would fabulous if any of you would “like” it for me. If you can.

The jackal tugged on the body it had uncovered behind the beer hall, jaws locked around a bloody dirt-encrusted forearm. A short distance away, a hyena lowered its head and edged forward. The jackal stopped, eyed the hyena and howled a warning.

Two miles away on the Bradley sisal plantation, thirteen-year-old Elizabeth McKenzie, on her knees in front of a muddy flower bed, glanced up at the sound and frowned. Some poor creature dead on the veld. Sighing, she gripped the business end of a wooden spoon and dragged it down the middle of the bed in front of her.