She Writes, She Reads, She’s Off Again

Can’t chat for long my computer crashed five days ago saved most of it bought a Mac haven’t a clue got a reading next week up in Berkeley with my She Writes Press sisters did the whole {pages} thing on Thursday night remember the cool bookstore in Manhattan Beach it was cool very cool not many people though they all had to be on the freeway took Dawn another SWP author and I two hours to go 58.8 miles made us late for pre-reading dinner at Little Sister that anti-fusion restaurant across the street from {pages} Holy Moly was that the best ever I’m going back shitty traffic and all and I will sit there and eat everything on the menu SWP in LA Meanwhile it’s the first day of summer and you know what that means in Laguna Beach; cars creeping up the canyon past my house while I sit here all smug, well, a little panicky, so much to do, along with cooking up a very bold plan for publicizing my book. )Getting great reviews.)


The pic’s  from {pages} I’m the shrimp in the middle in case you didn’t know


Early the morning of May 8th (which just happens to be my birthday) my  girlfriend Britton and I are heading for Santa Barbara where I’ll be doing a reading at Chaucer’s Bookstore later that evening. Not only that, but I’ll be reconnecting with a group of women writers I met online (Britton was one of them). It was in Santa Barbara that we all got together. You can read all about it here. We became instant best friends. Seriously. Full on blood sisters, (sorry, couldn’t resist using that term, I mean at my age, it’s kinda funny, don’t you think?).

Santa Barbara was also where I had my first concert experience. This was when I first came to this country: Jesse Colin Young and Emmy Lou Harris, double billing at Santa Barbara Bowl. I’d never heard of either one of them, but I fell instantly, passionately, starry-eyed in love with everyone on stage, even the roadie who set up. A momentous occasion, duplicated many times since then with other artists and groups.

So, I can’t help believing that this too is going to be a momentous occasion. Please come along and be a part of it!