Celebrating My Book Cover

It’s Celebrate The Small Things Day. Something I’ve achieved each week, no matter how small. If you’re interested in doing the same thing sign up here at Vicki’s blog. But before I tell you what I’m celebrating today, I have a little catching up to do since I’ve been missing from this spot for an entire month. And I’ve got to thank Kate Larkindale over at Fiction and Film for commenting on my last blog and inspiring me to get back in the game. Thanks Kate!

I’m blaming my absence on summer. I just gave into it. I put off all my writing projects, including finishing the proofs for Loveyoubye and choosing the final cover for the book. Instead, I danced my ass off at Laguna’s “Music In The Park” every Sunday, sometimes after which me and my girlfriend Laural would stop at this or that little rooftop or beachside bar and have a nightcap before heading home. Then there were those sunset dinners with friends and that wonderful spur of the moment day spent in Studio City with my five brilliant writer girlfriends, the trip up to Sierra Buttes in northern California (woods and lakes and cooler than here) with my son and two granddaughters—damn those little girls are fun!

But then I got an email from She Writes Press; my decision on Loveyoubye’s cover was due on Friday. Time to call it. Now, I’m not that hot on making decisions anyway, but this one has been agonizing. What if it’s crap? But time was up. That’s where the celebrating comes in. Yesterday, I took a deep breath and in the early morning chill of approaching fall, I submitted my book cover proofs!


It’s Finally Fall

It’s finally fall! A tiny storm swept through last night and today, bringing dark clouds and sprinkling the vegetable and poppy seeds I just planted. But the cool blustery weather won’t last. I mean, this is Southern California, after all. We still have a ton of 80 degree days coming up in the next two months. I’ll enjoy the cool days as they come.

One of my goals in life is to spend a year back east where they have real weather, see if I can take it. I want to experience the contrast, scraping ice off windscreens (yes, I know it’s called windshields here), slush in the streets, my nose dripping from the cold, perhaps an icicle hanging thereon, wearing heavy duty boots, a real winter coat and miles and miles of scarves–oh! how I love scarves–being snowed in (whoa! I’m not sure about that–what about hiking, the dogs?).

But then there’s the renewal that will come when that first crocus pops up and the re-invigoration to one’s system that can’t be felt without the dormancy. Right? Don’t be bursting my bubble now, because I’m putting that goal on the list I’m compiling of things I want to do before I croak.