Z is for Zsa Zsa

I’m ending the A to Z Challenge with twenty-eight-year old Zsa Zsa, the magnificent, who belongs to friends of mine. She’s a White Cockatoo, endemic to islands in North Maluku, Indonesia. Another name for the bird is Umbrella Cockatoo, because of their large and striking semicircular crest, which appears when the bird is surprised. In Zsa Zsa’s case it appears when someone messes with her toys, or when she’s doing the stomp. Pounding the kitchen floor with first one then the other claw, pigeon-toed like (or in her case, cockatoo-toed like),  she bobs and sways from side to side, crest fanning like she’s getting ready for take-off. My friend calls it getting down with her bad self. Damn funny. I couldn’t get the video my friend has of this performance in time for this post, instead here’s The Zsaz perched in front of a mirror: her favorite place. She never saw one she didn’t love.




8 thoughts on “Z is for Zsa Zsa

  1. Beautiful and smart bird! My friend had one that used to sit on her shoulder. I’ve enjoyed your A to Z posts, and I’ll be back after it’s over. BTW, thanks for Liking Fireseed One on Facebook!

  2. All your posts have been so insightful. You’re a damn good writer! And thanks for all the beautiful photos. Great job, Rossandra!!

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