Six Sentence Sunday–Pookie

Welcome to my next offering on “Six Sentence Sunday”. It’s from the first chapter of my almost-published YA paranormal YA novel, Monkey’s Wedding.

Pookie, Elizabeth’s pet bantam chicken, appeared from behind an overturned wheelbarrow a few yards away, pecking at the ground. Elizabeth grinned, like she always did at the sight of the funny looking little chicken. Some kind of runt, Pookie had never grown all her feathers, except for those on her legs, which looked like miniature flared brown skirts. Pookie stopped, mid-peck, and then with her eyes trained on the sweet pea seeds, she shot toward the flowerbed like a shuttlecock whacked across a badminton net.

“No!” Elizabeth cried, shoveling mud over the seeds. She jammed the chicken wire over the bed just in time.

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