Not Your Usual Gaggle of Geese

The Karell Travel Group had a wonderful post on the collective names of different species of African Wildlife. (They always have the most unique photos on their Facebook page.)

Bask of Crocodiles           Clan of Hyenas              Cloud of Bats        Coalition of Cheetahs

Crash of Rhinos            Dazzle of Zebras        Journey of Giraffes      A Leap Of Leopards

Parliament of Owls    Prickle of Porcupines      Pride of Lions          Pod or raft of hippos

        Shrewdness of Monkeys  Troop of Baboons  Obstinacy of Buffalo    Herd of Elephants

I’m pleased to say I have seen all of these animals and more that aren’t shown here, in abundance, thanks to my dad for dragging us around Africa when I was growing up. At the time, though, I would rather have been lying on the beach in Durban, checking out the boys, being as how we lived in the middle of the continent with rare visits to the ocean, instead of locked in a small Ford Popular with my little brother, my parents, and Corky the parrot (who had it in for me).  I wonder if some of these collective names are a new development. Quite appropriate don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Gaggle of Geese

  1. Thanks for this Sands, did not know about the cloud,or the prickle. So you have enlarged my knowledge & thought process once more. We were fortunate to have witnessed the range of animals we did. Strength to you,

  2. Your childhood sounds wonderful to me! I think a “Crash of Rhinos” is particularly appropriate. But then I’m fond of a “Shrewdness of Monkeys,” as well. And a “Journey of Giraffes?” Who would have thought. They’re all great fun.

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