Something To Celebrate

It’s Celebrate The Small Things Day. Something I’ve achieved each week, no matter how small. If you’re interested in doing the same thing sign up here at Vicki’s blog.

So I finally sent that essay to L.A. Times Affairs, a first-person column in the Los Angeles Times chronicling romance and relationships. They want stories grounded in the present with a strong sense of place, rooted in Southern California.

I crafted the essay from my memoir, Loveyoubye. It’s a big scene, one I’ve been working on for awhile. The only thing is, it’s kind of a mixed bag sending it now instead of after Loveyoubye is published, which would allow me to give interested readers a link to buy the book. But according to my editor it’s a good idea to build interest before the book comes out as well. So I’m going with that and holding my thumbs that my piece gets published. My American friends, if you would cross your fingers for me, I would truly appreciate it.

9 thoughts on “Something To Celebrate

  1. My fingers are SO crossed for you right now! That would be so wonderful to get something published in the LA Times Affairs! Let us know WHEN it gets published and put up a link on Facebook! I’m also chomping at the bit to read your memoir….XXOO

  2. Of course my fingers are crossed for you.

    But even if it *doesn’t* get picked up, you had the ovaries to send it in. That is HUGE courage on your part. [applauding and cheering]

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